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我們將這世上最好的兩個哥爾夫球學習計劃融合在一起,讓小朋友更有樂趣, 更全面地學習哥爾夫球運動。 並鼓勵家長一起互動從而建立美好的回憶。

We have combined two of the best golf learning programs in the world to make it fun for kids to learn golf more comprehensively. We also encourage family interaction that builds lasting memories.

我們的孩子發現高爾夫真的很有趣,並享受與Coach Frankie教練在一起的每一刻。

Our Kids finds golf is really fun and enjoy every moments with Coach Frankie.

Learn at your Own Pace

整個美國兒童高爾夫學習計劃 - 球員之路都在視頻中,結合了 TPI 所有必要的高爾夫技術和知識,讓完全初學者成為高爾夫大師甚至比賽級水平。

The entire U.S. Kids Golf Learning Program - Player Pathway are all in videos, combining TPI all essential golf technics & information to let a Complete Beginner to become a Master Golfer or even to Performance Level.

Having Fun Learning Golf

U.S. Kids Golf 學習計劃的完整結構和許多有趣的遊戲將使您的孩子繼續學習。 通過提供成就徽章、帽子和證書來激勵孩子們繼續 學習得開心!

The complete structure of the U.S. Kids Golf Learning Program with lots of fun games will allow your kids continue to learn. By offering Achievement Pins, Hats, and Certifications motivate the kids keep going with fun!

Risk Free Learning

擁有超過 10,000 小時的教練經驗,結合最高水平的 TPI 和 SFMA 醫學知識。 我們向您保證,您將完全了解您的身體如何以最有效的方式移動而沒有受傷的風險。

With over 10,000 hours of coaching experience, combining with the highest level of TPI & SFMA Medical Knowledge. We assure you will fully understand how your body move in the most efficient way with no risk of injury.

大家好! 我是 Frankie 教練!

Hi, I’m Coach Frankie

實在很榮幸獲得U.S. Kids Golf 所頒發的大師級兒童高爾夫教練,作為中國香港第一個獲得這個榮譽,非常感謝家長和學生一路的支持,今後會繼續努力讓大家更有樂趣地學習高爾夫運動。

It is a great honor for me to be awarded the title of Master Top 50 Kids Coach by U.S. Kids Golf. I am the first person to receive this award from Hong Kong, China. I am very grateful to the parents and students for their support all the way. I will continue to make everyone have fun learning the game of golf.

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